"The creation of effective logos,
corporate images, emblems and
brand identity trade-marks
requires a skilled and
imaginative designer with
a proven system."
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Design Process


The creation of effective logos, corporate images, emblems and brand identity trademarks requires a skilled and imaginative designer with a proven system.

This is the most important part of our job. It is critical for our design team to understand the nature of your business, and the image of your company, brand and products or service.


Avoid Highly complex Images
logo is a symbol representing your business, not an advertisement in itself.
Highly complex images are not visible when logo size is reduced for business cards or any other marketing toolkit.

  • Design Analysis
  • Initial Concepts
  • Selection of the concept
  • Revisions and Reviews
  • Final Logo
  • Top
    Design Analysis

    Brief us on your industry, your company, target market and objectives. Any pre-conceived ideas that you have about your logo or similar images that you like the look off. (You may submit graphics for use in the logo design, or rough ideas of the logo). Our marketing consultants will also aid you in voicing your specific needs through a series of pertinent questioning and discussion. Together, we will generate ideas on how to best represent your business visually within a graphic context. We understand that the logo must be recognizable and convey the right message to your customers.
    Initial Concepts

    AdsStation design team in conjunction with our marketing advisors begins to churn out numerous prototypes for your unique logo design. Choices concerning font, color and the essential graphic aesthetic will be determined and will encompass your rigid and personalized requirements. If you like one or two of the designs from the first viewing, we will make the required changes based on your specifications. In the event that you do not like any of the initial drafts, we will create more initial designs.
    Selection of the concept

    Upon review of your initial logo design concepts, you will be required to make a decision as to which logo designs is worth going forward with. You can let us know specific changes and fine tunings that are required. Our design team will ensure that it is taken care of.
    Revisions and Reviews

    At this stage of the design process we have made all the necessary changes and fine tunings that were requested. You will need to review it to make sure that it is perfect. At this stage we donít change the concept of the logo but we do minor alterations to ensure that the logo meets your standards and requirements.
    Final Logo

    After your confirmation that the logo designed best reflects your company's vision, our design team will make final print ready versions and then prepare your logo design for delivery. We will send you the copy of your logo via email or b post on a CD-ROM
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